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418 Prayer Strike

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campus tour

Here are some pictures taken by our friend Sam Kwon, of our most recent spring National Campus tour across the NorthEast and South. Read more from our update letter [HERE]

At many of our campus stops we saw healing and creative miracles that accompanied His presence. There were so many testimonies from the tour, here are a couple:

SE Regional: There was one night in the SouthEast where we felt like the Lord was going to release miracles. One of our SAFA students had back pain that morning and got healed immediately when our team prayed. That night, we felt like she was to pray over those in the room that needed healing, and we saw many students in the room get healed by the power of Jesus. That night we also saw college students set free from depression, shame, and addiction.

NY Regional: (student testimony) "At the regional night I experienced supernatural healing for myself for the first time. A little background to this: I had hurt my neck and had a pinched nerve that caused a burning sensation down my left back. It had been maybe three or four days prior and it was a constant burn. Even right before the event it was extremely painful. Anyhow I can't pinpoint the exact time, especially because I didn't even ask God for healing, he just gave it freely. I think somewhere along my journey with God i believed that receiving supernatural healing wasn't for me, even though I have seen it abundantly and even operated in it myself. The hallmark moment of the night was worship when I was just brought to my knees and face in awe of God. I believe I was healed for that moment because that posture would have been impossible with my pinched nerve. I was in such disbelief I was testing it all the way home. Completely gone and hasn't returned in anyway. Praise God!”

Cornell University: David preached on Mary and Martha from Luke 10, and the great offering and extravagant response of our hearts to the worthiness of Jesus. That night, students were laid out under the presence of Jesus in response to their desire to give it all. Here is one of the testimonies from a student at Cornell--

"This was the first time in years that I felt His presence again. You hosted Holy Spirit and gave the Cornell students a vision of what is possible when one says yes to all of God. I've been moping around wondering what to do next and dragging my feet when it comes to saying 'yes.' Now, I'm running!"

Clemson University: (student testimony) "After the event I started praying weekly with the prayer group on my campus. We did the 40-day collegiate Jesus Fast and prayed on our campus for the Collegiate Day of Prayer. During the Collegiate Day of Prayer, I didn't know what to pray and felt resistance so I fell to my knees and suddenly started speaking in tongues (which I had never experienced and was previously against)!"

Lee University: (student testimony) “While attending the Contend event at Lee University I felt God doing something to my heart that I've never felt before. During prayer for Belmont and my impact on campus I felt God stab my heart with a red hot iron and stir around the coals. Every night since I've had vivid dreams of an awakening at Belmont and what I need to do. So I started a worship/intercession night at the Bell Tower. As we've been building an alter of worship there for others to access, God has begun to move and call the secret believers out of hiding."

Healing miracle in our team member: One of our team was struggling physically before we left for tour and needed a major operation done. Throughout the tour, we prayed and proclaimed healing, and saw a crazy creative miracle done by God in her body! A new organ reappeared and she no longer needed the operation! Praise God.


UPenn: We hosted a stop at University of Pennsylvania. That night as David was preaching half way, the whole gospel choir suddenly comes filing into the room. Turns out that they had really wanted to come to the event but had Gospel choir practice that night. As they headed into their choir practice room, all the screens began to freeze and their equipment stopped working! So they filed out of practice and came to our event!

That night, we felt led to do an altar call for any in the room who were not saved. A student from the Gospel choir dedicated her life to the Lord that night in response! Additionally, many students were marked with a passion for souls.

We give all glory to God!





What's Next

We are currently in Colorado Springs and have just started the next year of SAFA with our new students. Update coming soon, including campus tours, The Send stadium event and more!