For the better part of a decade, we served our spiritual father Lou Engle and TheCall, pioneering history-defining prayer & fasting and touching the lives of hundreds of thousands. As TheCall has come to an end, Lou Engle has launched us and commissioned Contend to take his DNA of prayer and fasting farther and further than even TheCall has done. In the past 5 years alone, we have reached over 25,000 young people with the vision and message of prayer and fasting for revival and missions. We have helped train over 100 leadership teams, ministered at over 300 campuses and cities, as well as mobilized 15,000+ young people on national prayer initiatives.


Here are some of our initiatives:

SAFA School

David and Audry serve as Directors and lead the SAFA training school, a 6 month program training young people in prayer and fasting.

Contend Global

David and Audry also serve as the Directors of Contend, leading youth initiatives, training, prayer and mobilization.


Our annual youth gathering located in Colorado Springs, 5 days of prayer and fasting to turn America back to God.

Our Role

David and Audry currently give leadership to Contend. For years, they served Lou Engle and TheCall executive team in mobilization and as Youth & Young Adult Mobilization Directors. Now with Contend, their heart and is to reach the youth of America with the message of prayer and fasting. They also serve as directors of the SAFA School. This is our primary ministry assignment and not only our life dreams, but these fathers and mothers as well.

David and Audry sharing on Contend America

SAFA—  Raising up a company of young leaders to go to the hardest and darkest places, with the light of the Gospel

SAFA— Raising up a company of young leaders to go to the hardest and darkest places, with the light of the Gospel

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Believing for Stadium Christianity, filled with the preaching of the Gospel, signs & wonders.

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We invite you to partner with us as we pioneer with TheCall to build a base and see America turn back to God. As we are in the birthing stages of what we believe could be a global movement of contending prayer, we depend on financial supporters to partner together with us in advancing the Kingdom of God. Learn more about partnership on our page.

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