‘Missions’ is very simple. There are only two ministries in missions. You’re either called to go down into the well or you’re called to hold the rope for those that go down. Either way, there should be scars on your hands. Where are your scars? What has it cost you to be a Christian?
— Paul Washer

"holding the rope"

We wholeheartedly believe that the work of ministry living on missionary support would simply not be possible without our supporters. Partnership in prayer and in mobilization is essential, but we also depend on God through our financial supporters for provision. We extend our gratitude and honor to our current supporters, with whom we have journeyed together. Whether on the front lines or fueling in the work, the Lord's work is being accomplished. We invite you to partner with us financially in advancing the Kingdom!

kingdom partnership

Our hope is to partner, in every sense of the word. We value relationship above any type of monetary exchange, and our hope is to go forward as friends doing ministry together. Though it may seem that one party is doing the "Jesus work" and the other is "supporting"; it is our conviction that in Kingdom partnership, we are ministering together, though it may be differing roles in the Body. Your giving fuels and catalyzes the task at hand: two edges of the same sword.

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We are so appreciative of all of our financial partners and those who have supported us over the years! Your support allows us to fully give ourselves to these tasks and goes towards basic living expenses such as rent, food, travel, and ministry expenses.  We rely on monthly partners to fund our work in mission and prayer. We are currently in great need of financial support, especially monthly partners to continue the work for Christ we are doing. Would you prayerfully consider partnering financially with us to further the Kingdom of God on the campuses and in the nations? 

In view of all these endeavors, please prayerfully consider joining our partnership team for the advancement of the Gospel of the glory of Christ!

If the Lord is impressing on your heart to sow in any amount, you can do so below. All financial gifts are tax deductible and use a 501c3 fundraising platform called ModernDay/DonorGive.

ONE-TIME giving

We value one-time giving and are particularly in need of one time gifts at this time. If you are looking to give a one-time, tax-deductible gift, please go to our fundraising platform here. Select Kim, David and Audry to donate to us. Thank you so much for sowing!


We are currently in great need of persons to partner with us monthly. We hope to establish a long-term relationship and partnership in the Gospel. Tax-deductible, recurring payments can be done through our fundraising platform (Modern Day, a 501c3) as well. 

thank you!


Receive our partnership letter

We are working on getting fully funded & sending out partnership letters in the mail! If you would like to hear more about what we do, please send us your address HERE.